Friday, October 20, 2006
Another reading hobby of mine lately has been time management, or basically how to get things done in the time they should take. I think my problem is one and mostly one: I have to stop reading on the internet. Sure, a lot of the time is physics-related, but it really stops me from working. And not to mention writing on the blog...which I don't do a lot lately because my Blogger widget for Dashboard doesn't work with the new Google beta Blogger. And, of course, I am reading other stuff so who has time to write?


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I have been looking for jobs this week, again I know, and it couldn't be more depressing ! Is it me or are there more jobs in undergraduate colleges and so? This kind of option is definitely a career decision, at least it looks like you can do a lot less research than in research-oriented institutions. On the other hand, there are so many that you can pick where you want to live - as opposed to where you have to.

This whole new stage came because I attended a seminar by some kind of consultant, in principle they charge you to teach you how to write resumes, applications, how to behave at interviews, etc. I might go to a short one on one with this guy to see if the full thing is going to be worth it, it is not cheap I tell you ! (What is funny is that the guy says he would give the advice for free but he has noticed that people pay more attention when they are charged a little something - turns out this little something is $125 per hour !. For that price he can have 300% of my focus, or at least compared to what I would like to pay.

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