Friday, April 25, 2008
I changed the way I read the Arxiv, and I have to say it's much more efficient for me than emails or going to the page directly. Now I am using the RSS feed (I am using the Google reader, but that is irrelevant). A nice thing about it is that I can mark the papers I want to read for later and will always be there on the web, and also I can link to it from this blog and the list updates automatically (it's the big box at the left of the posts...)
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I took a job in Barcelona (at ICFO, in the group of Prof. Lewenstein), and since then my life turned into total chaos because of the preparations. I have to sell my house, which is the bigger nightmare, and then start thinking about moving and all that.

I am very excited though, I think it will be a positive change in all aspects of my life (professional and personal).

But, all this change hasn't left me a lot of time for anything else. I just went back to work full speed a couple of weeks ago, and I am finishing a couple of papers that I will submit soon.
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