Thursday, May 29, 2008

I just read a bit of , by Stephano Nonnenmacher. 

I am still surprised when I find these articles by the quantum chaos community who outright ignore (ok, let's be polite, just don't know about) the dynamical approaches to quantum chaos such as the Loschmidt echo. They fill every introduction with things like "one is led from a dynamical to a time-independent problem", and "the associated quantum system has linear dynamics". Just bollocks. The classical Liouville dynamics in phase space is also linear !!! Give it up already, the Bohigas conjecture sure was interesting but there are more interesting things to look at now...
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
I have been learning how to multithread using OpenMP with Intel compilers. Not only it is easy, it works great! Now I can use those eight processors for something...
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Apple decided to interview me for my use of their Xgrid technology inside LANL. I got to talk at length about my love for Macs, and sent them a couple of nice pictures and plots (they didn't use the movies I made though). The article is in their Science Profiles.

I can only hope now that they send me a thank you note (attached to an iPod for example, are you reading Apple?).
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For large values of 1.