Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In a funny turn of events, Intel seems to be secretly changing Moore's law of computing power. In Intel's website, in the page of Core2 Quad Processors, there is a "Evolution of a revolution" advertising with a timeline of Intel's processors. In the second page of the presentation, Moore's law is explained with a graphic showing the "prediction" in a curved dotted line, and the actual numbers of Intel processors in yellow dots.

The axis are twisted (years in vertical, number of processors in horizontal), but the message is clear: The new Moore's Law predicts that the number of processors will stop growing in the future. The yellow dots follow the old law, which in this graphic should be a straight line.

I think Intel is preparing for the (near) future when following the old law will be almost impossible, I mean with circuits the size of a couple of atoms and all. Gee, this people know nothing about quantum computing :).
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