Saturday, December 30, 2006
It's been a hectic end of the year -- three weeks in Argentina, in which my work consisted of writing job applications (not that many but carefully written :), and preparing a talk to give at my university. After I came here I started working on this Bose-Hubbard project of mine with Augusto Roncaglia, and it was so time consuming I didn't even read the Arxive this month. I would have worked in the winter break at the Lab but I got the flu...anyway, it all adds up to having a good amount of things to do in the new year. I hate it when this happens !


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Friday, December 29, 2006
I just read cond-mat/0612590 and got a little despaired, I have been working on almost the same idea for the past month...
I got the idea when I proposed how to do this measurement of fidelity experimentally on quant-ph/0609202, and actually I included some preliminary data in the last figure of that paper (on the dynamics, but I had the same data from the static point of view).
I hope I can still do something with this.

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For large values of 1.