Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Writing research statements again...

I don't mind writing or talking about my science, I do love it. What is difficult for me is having to compress in a couple of pages: What I've done, why it's important, and what I'd like to do, all in a very enthusiastic but at the same time realistic way, and of course conveying the message that I'm a very centered/independent scientist with lots of potential.

The nice part is stopping for a moment to think about one's career, the steps that took me where I am and what is it that drives me. The not-so-nice part is reading what I write in the eyes of a reviewer. I do hope I get to the interviews part, I am sure I can do so much better in person (not that I am a super charming miss universe, but I really think my enthusiasm and knowledge show very well face to face).

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