Saturday, July 26, 2008
Sorry for those who don't speak (or read) spanish, but I read a very interesting article by Martin Caparros that put me to think about my country, its history and its present. In the article Caparros tells how the truly powerful in Argentina first used the military to face the "guerrilla" only with economic purposes. At that time, the people of Argentina supported the military. Now however, that time has become very inconvenient (because of all the violence) and the power has changed the story, and the people conveniently forgot who they supported and now sit on the other side. Caparros is scared that in the 70s he was fighting the military, and today he joins them in claiming that the official story today is not what really happened back then. The moral is that the power in Argentina is very skilled at having the people empathize with their interests and defend them for them, and it even has the power to change history when convenient (1984 like). His comments tie neatly with the current fight between the farmers (the most powerful group in Argentina) and the goverment that wanted to tax them more. The Argentinean people went to the streets defending their "peers", the "poor" farmers who might not make all the millions they were hoping for...

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