Wednesday, December 01, 2010
I found a while ago this course of computer scienc-y things for scientists, and it blew my mind. Completely changed the way I worked. I then went and read books and books on programming techniques. Very awesome, but still the carpentry is the place I go back when I need to refresh something.

I was so delighted that I decided to sometime give this course, which I have been doing this past november. I think it is going well, it ends tomorrow. I gave a very compressed version of it, with the most important topics being source control, unit testing, writing clean code, and some other stuff like shell commands, debugging, build systems, and the like.

Hopefully next year I will get the time and strength to give a longer version of the course at the Politecnica. Now I am way too tired because I found out too late that I had a deadline last 11/30, and it overlapped with the course completely (I mean the whole month was taken writing this thing up). If I had known I would have scheduled the course for some other time...
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